Essay on What Do You Do It For Your Business Work?

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Note - It has the same ideas as the last one, but they have been expanded a little more. However, I ran out of word count before I could do the “do it for free” bit. Hope they don’t mind too much.

SEO, SMM, and Adwords: how to combine these channels to make your business work

Here you will learn how to combine four (not three) of the most powerful online tools at your disposal. Not only that, you will also learn how to generate conversion-ready traffic for free, and how to create a healthy, strong and powerful online campaign using SEO, SMM, Adwords and understanding. This article assumes that your business wishes to sell to a consumer. Even if your business does not, you may take the advice listed below and make conversions.

Slot Each Piece Into Place

There are four elements that you need concern yourself with. They are social media marketing, affiliate advertising, understanding your target audience, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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Each element covers a hole or flaw in one or more of the other elements. Where one falls short or under performs, and the other picks up the slack. Sure, there are instances where one outperforms, but you would be foolish to rely on it, especially if you are running a business and looking to sell something.

Affiliate Advertising (With Google Adwords)

Using Google Adwords, you are able to place adverts on the Google network and on the Google search engine results.…

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