Essay on What Did The Chalk Board?

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What happened to the chalk board? Instead of using a chalk board, teachers now use a device that is considered to be a major digital tool of the 21st century called an interactive whiteboard (Skinner, 2015). Interactive whiteboards have become common in classrooms across America. The popularity of interactive whiteboards has prompted educators to change their teaching strategies and lessons to integrate the use of these boards (Skinner, 2015). Interactive whiteboards are considered to be one of the most profound instructional technologies for diverse levels of education (Yalin & Johnson, 2012). An interactive whiteboard, or IWB, is an instructional tool that is connected to a computer and a projector and enables the transfer of images from computer to the board (Balta & Duran, 2015). They provide interesting opportunities for students and teachers to interact with digital content in a multi-person learning environment (De Vita, Verschaffel, & Elen, 2014). IWBs have been found to be particularly useful in teaching mathematics. IWB technology provides an innovative tool with high potential for mathematics instructional environments. Various actions can be performed with an interactive whiteboard. Although it takes some teachers a few years to develop a sense of ease with using interactive whiteboards for instruction, many teachers consider it to be a valuable teaching tool (Kelmon, 2015). Many teachers appreciate the immediate feedback they get when students are paired to the…

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