What Characteristics Does An Exemplary Teacher Display? Essay

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Personal Exemplary Teacher Essay What characteristics does an exemplary teacher display? Characteristics that often describe these professionals are: motivated, committed, demand achievement, expectations, provides opportunities, goal orientated, relational, great listener, perceptive, innovative, and knowledgeable ("Qualities of Exemplary Teachers - Taking Center Stage-Act II (TCSII) (CA Dept of Education)," n.d.). As I reminiscence about the three teachers I admired during my academic career I discovered that each one display many of the exemplary teacher characteristics. During my reflection all three of my teachers I realized had very similar teaching styles and personalities. Each of these teachers were knowledgeable about the subject matter, they utilized excellent classroom management approaches, and they were all very relational to their students’.
The first exemplary characteristic which was displayed by all three of my “best” teachers was the knowledge and love of subject matter. There was never a doubt or a suspicion that these three teachers did not know their subject matter as their teaching styles showed confidence and enthusiasm. I never felt them to be stagnate teachers as they were very open about how learning is important for both the teacher and the student. Mr. Farquharson always had a Time magazine on his desk to keep us up on current events; he was able to bring a connection to what was happening in our lives and events in history.…

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