What A College Education Buys Essay

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I have always been a believer of doing something and doing it right. Even if I have to do it a certain way, I make sure that it is done the right way and satisfies everyone involved with it. I believe that everyone should be the same not just in one specific thing but in their life as well. If you want be have a career that you like then you really have the do all the process to get that career the right way. In Christopher Caldwell 's essay, “What a College Education Buys”, he talks about the many things that are in occurrence from a college education, and I agree with him in that sometimes you have to ask yourself if an expensive college education is really way of achieving your career? The process of getting and education is fairly simple. First of all, you have to meet all the per-requisites to everything you want to take or else you have to meet those per-requisites by taking the required classes. Even before you start that process in college, the same is for high school where you need to take all the classes required and pass it with a satisfactory scores, and complete all the entrance exams. Then there is the stressful process of going through applications and writing essays, recommendations letters and etc. However stressful the application process may be. People still apply for colleges when they know they are applying where they will be paying thousands and thousands of dollars. They are also aware of the loans they will have to take out and maybe even ask help…

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