Lean-Bear Weight

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Phase III
• Topic- For my topic I focused on Weight Gain, in regards to lean muscle mass. As a Strength coach with Tech athletics this will help not only my body, but will also help in my career as many athletes will have a goal that fall under this topic. Athletes who have the desire to add lean mass to the frame will need a reliable program and nutritional advice. My goal was to gain 15 pounds by December. I started off at 215 pounds and wanted to get to 230. My body fat percentage was 10% and the plan was to keep that number at 10% or lower. I’m a former Tech basketball player and still have a lean basketball player type frame. Now that I’m going into coaching I’d like to fill out my body frame, look less like a player and more like other
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Limiting the amount of calories that are being burned will help keep your body from pulling calories from the protein stored in muscles. So lifting three times a week instead of four times a week should have been the workout program design I chose to follow. Instead, I started a workout plan where I lift Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Wednesday I initially said I would work on some Olympic Lifting Technique, and on the weekends I would do a small activity like a light hike or walk around town. The two day split of Lower body work on Mondays and Thursday, and Upper body work on Tuesdays and Fridays is a typical two day split many Strength Coaches prescribe to their athletes wanting to get bigger and stronger. My true desire was to put this the test, along with challenging whether to lift heavier or lighter, and with higher or lower rep schemes.
Fitness professionals understand that muscle is denser than fat. In terms of volume and size a bigger muscle should weigh more than fat of equal volume. What often goes unspoken is that for each individual, a bigger version of their muscles is also a stronger version of their muscles. Some individuals have more tightly wound muscles than others and looks can be deceiving, but take two identical muscles and only work one of them for strength and the other of reps, the muscle that can lift more weight will be bigger. This argument is the basis of my research: Will I get bigger focusing on more reps or more

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