Importance Of Lifelong Routine

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Oftentimes people find themselves saying twenty-four hours in a day is just not enough to workout, not with words, but definitely with their actions. Being consistent with exercise is the hardest part to overcome when juggling family, friends, school, and work. So finding equilibrium between all of these things is very important to reach. Which is why having a step by step plan is vital to achieving a lifelong routine that will give one a healthy lifestyle. The main facets of steps to creating a lifelong routine consists of first actually getting to the gym, next adjusting nutrition, then maximizing resistance training, and lastly utilizing cardio.
First, getting to the gym is the hardest step, but also the most important, so get rid of all
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For optimal results, one needs to begin by nourishing their bodies correctly. That means that if one decides that working out first thing in the morning is the only way they will go to the gym, it is important that they hydrate themselves the night before and as soon as they wake up. If one wants to exercise later in the day, then they should aim to drink at least twenty ounces of water per hour before their exercise. As for food, a rule of thumb is to make one’s breakfast the biggest meal of the day with snacks every few hours and make dinner the smallest meal of the day. This is because one’s metabolism is at its highest point when one wakes up, and slows down throughout the day, making dinner time where their metabolism is at its slowest. It is also very important to avoid eating too much after a workout, eating too much will give one a lagging feeling, so eat very lite. For example, a bar that is high in protein and low in sugar or fruits like bananas and apples are perfect. Tracking how many calories one is consuming daily is also important. “Oftentimes not knowing ones calorie count is the main cause for not seeing results” says Personal Trainer Alice. Whether one is trying to gain or lose weight, knowing their daily calorie intake will allow one to know if they need to increase or decrease the amount of calories they take in. By skipping these first few steps many people will find that it is extremely hard to reach their goals. …show more content…
“A lot of people waste their time wandering around the gym trying every station” says Personal Trainer Amie. This is probably because there is a misconception that one gets stronger while lifting. One does not get stronger when they are lifting, and they are not supposed to. One’s goal of resistance training is to tear muscle down. Doing so correctly, one will send their body into a sort of shock. To do so one needs to do heavy compound exercises for example, squats and bench press. If one does this correctly, their body will not be used to the stress that they have placed on it and it will literally feel the need to adapt in order to survive. The positive side of this step is that if at this point one goes home and recovers, their bodies will grow back stronger than ever. The negative side of this step is that our bodies adapt, so one cannot keep doing the same workouts over and over again and expect different results. As one gets stronger, they will reach a plateau, a stage where they will no longer see results. How does one overcome this, one might ask? Continue increasing weight and exercise selection to create muscle confusion, a state where muscle does not reach a plateau, until one is satisfied or goals are reached. A good way of accomplishing this step is by doing five sets of five reps of as much weight as one can lift. Exercising with this five x five plan will guarantee results, if one is

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