Exercising Definition Essay

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I. Definition of Behavior and Rationale for Increasing this Behavior
Exercising has always been something that I struggled with. Having a slender body type is partial blame for my lack if self-motivation when it comes to exercising. Throughout my life I’ve always been the smallest in terms of body weight when compared to my other siblings. I used that as an excuse and I told myself that I didn’t need to work out because I have a good Body Mass Index. Until, the first two years of my college career I found myself extremely tired and sluggish, so I decided that I should be more active for my age and I started by first exercise regimen. Regrettably, that attempt failed miserably. Which is why I chose exercise as the behavior in which I would like to increase. My definition of exercising for this modification plan is as
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In which I implemented these five steps to help me increase my behavior. First, I defined and recorded the target behavior I wanted to change, i.e. my exercising habits. Second, I developed a graph and plotted the daily level of the target behavior on a line graph. Third, I established a goal for the desired change in my target behavior, i.e. my goal is to work-out at least one hour three times a week and walk for six thousand steps a day. Fourth, I implemented positive reinforcement to keep me on track and motivate me to reach my target behavior. Lastly, at the end of every week I evaluated and compared my exercise of each specific week to the baseline to see my improvement. This program assisted greatly in keeping me focused on my target behavior because it didn’t allow me to think about quitting. Because I chose to monitor my behavior using self-monitoring it allowed me to be more aware of my exercise habits and it pushed me to continue because I looked forward to plotting my line graph and seeing a positive

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