Essay about Wegman Case Study

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Question 04:
What is the primary source of Wegmans’s culture, and what are some ways that it has been able to sustain itself?
The culture of an organization does not immerge automatically at once. It is a consequence of series of activities that had been enforced by the group who influenced to create it, change it and who actually lives together with in transforming the culture to the future.
For most of the organizations, it is the founder who begins the culture. Being the founders they have a major impact on deciding the cultural characteristics that would be engraved to the organizations that they form. They decide the vision and have a mind set of what type of culture that will be adopted in achieving the vision at the end.
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This further filter down through the organization management structure.
The president of the company in 1950 had made a statement “I was no different from them,” referring to the company’s employees. Through this statement he had demonstrated how the top management treats their employees while creating a happy, loyal and well committed, work force.
Moreover the statement made by Jeff Burris,a supervisor at the Dullles,Virginia Store has also expressed his conformity towards the main cultural value of selection procedure adopted by company.

As denoted above the important welfare plans launched by former presidents also shows us how well the top management recognizes the culture in Wegman, respect and contribute to its sustainability.

* Socialization.
This is a process that adapts employees to the organization’s culture. When a new employee is hired, he is new to the organization. The organization wants to help the new comer to transform the core elements of its culture and let the person become a member of its culture. This adaptation is called socialization.
The socialization consists three stages. * Pre Arrival Stage. * Encounter Stage. * Metamorphosis stage.
03.01 Pre Arrival Stage.
This is one set of socialization process that occurs before a new employee joins the organization.
It is apparent that in Wegmans the selection procedure

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