Wedding Dialogue: Shall We Go Back To The Wedding

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"shall we go back to our guests?" "yeah... oh I almost forgot were are you guys staying" "we are staying at the garden inn" "that 's a nice hotel but its still a good three weeks till the wedding" "mom and dad you can stay at my place" " okay we can do that" my parents smiled at Chris and I "I 'm so glad you found somebody that makes you happy and makes you smile" I gave my mother a hug and started tearing up "I love you guys so much" I wiped the tears form my face and Chris wrapped his arms around me "she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I 'm very glad that I got to meet you" we all headed back to the party and had our lunch... while we were all eating Chris stood up and had a champagne glass in his hands and he said something I would never forget "ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank you all for coming out today to honor me asking that one question that changed my life …show more content…
Ariel and I were holding hands when I finished kissing her she looked into my eyes and her big blue eyes were all I could see and at that moment I knew our future was guaranteed to have it all a home, children, old age I was so happy she finally let me in I looked into her eyes "forever" "forever" I kissed her again and we finished the day with one another and we never left each others side and after the party was over I wanted to take Ariel 's and my parent 's to dinner so they could meet and talk... they were talking, and laughing, and talking about the wedding I looked at Ariel and heard the perfect song to slow dance to so I took her hand and she looked at me "may I have this dance?"

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