Spring Break-Personal Narrative

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It was an eight hour drive. Eight hours I would spend with three people I barely knew. This was the first time I had ever been anywhere over spring break, and I was going with a family that was not mine to a place I had never been. Anyone my age would consider a week away from their family to be a blessing, and I was no different. School was 700 miles away and I had a week ahead of me to do as I pleased while staying in a beach house for free. Before I could get to any of this, however, I had to get through the eight hour ride in the car with Livi, who was little more to me than a classmate at the time, her mother, and her grandmother.
“They’ve never let me take a friend on our trips before.” It was difficult to hide my surprise. Although Livi is practically family now, we had never spent time together alone outside of school before I was invited on this vacation with her family. Her
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I definitely feel better. This is good for the soul, a week away from everything. We all know my soul could use all the help it can get.”
She laughed. I can never stay serious for too long, everything I say always inevitably ending in a joke of some form. We sat and talked about the wildest of things, told our craziest stories. We did this everyday that week, and if there was a single part of the trip I took for granted, it was that one. We did crazy things that week, but when someone asks me about spring break, all I can think of is the talks we had while drinking those delicious cookie dough milkshakes.
An assortment of family activities and bike riding filled most of the week, but staring at the stars was a favorite activity of mine. Livi’s parents required that we all spend at least five minutes on the deck at night to look up at the sky, the stars clear as I have ever seen them, yet I was the only one who did not mind. There is nothing more pure in this world than staring at a crystal clear night sky with nothing but the sounds of waves crashing onto the

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