Websolutions Case Study Essay

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Karishma Patel
This case emphasizes the importance of team in the work place; which must work together in order to achieve the goal of an organization. In today’s world team have become global; they do not have to share the same location in order to share their ideas and beliefs as long as team member communicate with each other via various forms of communication.
Four MBA alumni students, who wanted their ideas and their concerns to be heard by their upper administration at workplace, but they felt like the information or their ideas are never being passed on to a chain of command through managers, and VP. It seems like people were more concerned about their career than a real change at the workplace. After getting together
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The Foursome together came up with the idea of Websolutions, and they had the skills and talents that were needed to start and grow the business. Since none of the employee owned business before they met weekly basis to evaluate their plans; and also to make adjustment to their plan on how to get started and how to get necessary resources that are needed to start. Foursome had a goal in mind; they had the motivation to achieve that goal/purpose. Business plan for the company was developed; which in detailed defined individual roles and responsibilities. They had result driven team structure where their goals were clear, good communication and their judgments about the company was fact based. The Foursome can hire, train and motivate talent to grow their company in …show more content…
I would also ask for some constructive feedback on the administrative team so Websolutions can try to make some constructive changes in daily operation and Human resource.
3.a. What would you first two or three step be and why?
First step is to see team’s intrapersonal level and their knowledge in order to make them virtual team. I would remind everyone to get understanding of the organization goal. I would ask everyone to come up with process improvement step to avoid future attack, and what can we do to make our product better in the market again.
3.b Assuming that no of the employee had ever worked on a team before, what issues are you likely to face in the early forming stage? How would you overcome these issues? If no one has experience in working with the team before, then there might be issues of team members not communicating properly, due to the fact that they don’t know each other well or the organization itself. Some team member might not be aware of the purpose of the team too. I would start the team by introducing everyone in the team and their talents and skills. I would also engage everyone with the purpose of the organization. Throughout this process, I would coaching, collaborating, and support their decision support in order to gain trust of team and so that team

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