Personal Essay: The Weapon Of Influenced Myself

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Weapons are influence unconsciously almost every one falls victim to them. So you might think to your self how can I possibly defend my self form people using the “weapon of influence” on me.

When we talking about the weapon Commitment/consistency to me this weapon is the central motivator for a human behavior. I like to believe that it lies deep within us and is very powerful, it is nearly an obsessive desire to be consistent with what we have already done. The way this weapon of influence work is that once a person has made a decision, choice or a stand that person will encounter internal pressure to behave consistently with that commitment. So how can you defend your self when it comes to this influence? Well it’s a bit harder than it sound I think the only way you can really defend your self from this influence is by rejection.

For example, when you go to the mall you always see those little booths outside of the store handing out free samples. Let’s say this free sample is a moisturizing lotion. They show you a live demo on how soft it makes your skin and all the benefits it has for your skin. And
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For example, a sales person might influence you to buy a rock. And your thinking to your self how am Is this sales person going to influence me to but a rock. Well if u like the sales person personality, if you think that person is attractive, or you and that sales person share any similarities you’re more likely to buy that rock. So how do you defend your self from being influenced by a person u connect physically and mentally? Well you need to set your self back and think about what they’re actually selling you instead of being drawn to who’s selling the item. Being no to a person that you like is much harder than saying no to a person u don’t so its best to not make decisions of an item based on who’s selling it. You should always take a moment and think to yourself “do I really need this

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