Essay about Should Women Carry Guns For Protection?

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Hajer imam
Essay 4
Should women carry guns for protection? The worldwide rate of abused and violated women is high. It is globally known that women are easy targets for violence, so we deduce that females need additional protection. Many believe that women should be allowed to carry weapons to protect themselves independently, while others believe in alternative solutions. No can deny that women need protection, yet people argue about the methods. As a female, this decision must made without emotion intervention. I believe that women should protect themselves without carrying guns since it can be used against the victim during the crime, it is a reminder of lake of safety, and civilians in general should not be allowed to carry guns. There is a great possibility that the target who has a weapon can be victimized by their own defense-device for a couple of reasons. A death sentence might be the end of a sexual abuse or a robbery. Due to the fact that when the attackers feel the danger, they will defend themselves by attacking more aggressively. Rarely do they retreat. Bank robbery is an example of the attacker’s reaction toward danger. When the police usually arrive to the scene, the criminals take hostages to ensure their safety. Another point is that physical abuses agent women often caused by someone who is close to the victim; therefore, the attacker can have an access to the weapon and use it as a threat. For example, if a family member was planning to attack another…

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