My Writing Process: A Personal Reflection Of My Essay

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My Writing Process:
When I received the prompt for our first essay I glanced at it, and tried to understand the main point, the thing we were being asked to write about. As you many others writing does not come naturally to me, so I knew that I would have to have read the prompt several times before I even considered beginning on the rough draft for my first essay. After reading the prompt in class I started to highlight phrases, questions, and anything that stood out to me. Mean while all these thoughts were running through my mind, at the same time I was thinking of way to put all those ideas that were in my head on actual paper. Ideas that make sense in my mind but always have a hard time getting them down. After understanding the prompt
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I am not going to lie; I did wait to the last couple days to really get started on the bulk work of my essay. Coming off English 52, I thought to my self that writing would come easy to me since I had great success at writing essays in that class, but I was wrong. After waiting to the last minute to work on my essay I quickly realized that I was to late to procrastinate even further. So I am planning on working ahead of myself, and really focus on my time management when it comes to writing essays. Knowing now what I realized at this point, I would have started working on a rough draft/outline right away, even if it meant to get started the he night I got the prompt to my essay, which is something I plan on doing for my second …show more content…
Of course I will have to “just write” at an earlier stage in my writing process so that I can get things done in a timely manner, and not have to turn-in a rushed paper. At the time I was turning in my essay I realized of other things I wanted to include, but at the same time I knew that I did not have the time to edit again.
What I Needed:
The prompt was not the problem; I think the problem was my procrastination. I should have gone to the success center to get more ideas as to how to manage my time a lot better. Maybe then I would get more motivation to get started sooner. I am not going to sit here, and say that the prompt or my professor had anything to do with how I feel about my “rushed” essay. I had all the information, and resources to complete my essay in a timely manner, but I failed to get started on time. I could say I needed more time to write my essay, but I am not going

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