We Have Always Loved Our Guns Essay

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As I as the writer of this essay am out and about on the town, I tend to go about my daily errands and just keep to myself, mind my own business and avoid being the target of any crime especially one involving a gun. If someone was to bring a firearm anywhere they go and follow all of the other normal safety measures like being aware of your surroundings, staying out of “bad” neighborhoods when possible and avoiding social conflict can sound like a reasonable thing to do. I can guarantee you that nothing is 100 percent foolproof for everyone, but the addition of the firearm would make a difference. Since guns were first introduced, they were desired by all different kinds of people from all different backgrounds. Just as John Richardson stated “We have always loved our guns. Guns freed us, fed us, protected us from the dangers of the frontier, and served us in war.” (Richardson, 2016) One of the life goals of this writer is to make it through this life not having to take a life, but if it comes right down to it and I had to, I would especially to protect my family. I do not want to be responsible either legally or ethically, for taking anyone 's life. Having that said, not wanting to take a life or be responsible to one would take on a whole new meaning with or without a gun.
Some people out there are against having an open carry permit and claim that by having one, it will make you more of a target in a violent situation or that you would become ‘the first one shot’. One…

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