We Can 't Control The Consequences Of Our Actions Essay

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I get it, I get it. We can’t control the consequences of our actions, but I know that we sure as hell can control how we go about dealing with them. Couldn’t you have at least tried to make things seem okay? Why is it that you’re unable to see the simple beauty of a human life? How can you do this to your own daughter? I am part of you, you know that, right? On the third day of October in the year of 2000, my mother gave birth to an “oops baby”. That baby was me. On that chilly, autumn morning, my biological father left my mother and I at the hospital. From there on out, we went through the motions of your average everyday family, but my conception of a “family” was a bit distorted. As time went on, my mother fell for an environmental law professor from Philadelphia on an online dating website and soon enough, it was appropriate for me to refer to him as my father. Once he entered the picture, I began to fade out of it. On the second day of October in the year of 2007, my mother gave birth to her pride and joy. That baby was my younger sister. On that chilly, autumn morning, my mother and my newfound father fell in love with my sister and fell even further away from me. With time, this oblivion caught fire and turned into a deep, scorching animosity as my mother tripped and fell into severe postpartum depression and obtained an overwhelming dependency on alcohol. I understand how mental disorders work. I’m actually quite familiar with them myself. But a chemical imbalance…

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