Walmart : The Nation 's Number One Retailer Essay

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By 1990 Walmart was the nation’s number one retailer. At that time, it also went international. Walmart is the largest employer in the United States employing 2.1 million full-time employees. They are the largest employer in 25 states. Walmart is known for having the lowest competitive prices on merchandise. Local and small businesses cannot compete with Walmart’s low prices because they hold the power over other businesses in the economy.
Walmart is able to sell merchandise at low prices because they are the largest retailer. They are able to buy a wide variety of merchandise at lower than wholesale prices as they are able to purchase merchandise in mass quantities. Walmart is known for convenience shopping and as a one-stop shopping place designed to meet all of the consumer’s needs. As organizations grow, they may start to lose sight of the interest of their employees and the importance of they conduct business ethically for their associates.
According to Kenny (2013) Walmart is able to sell merchandise at lower prices because they profit from low wage labor from foreign countries. Walmart puts smaller businesses out of business because of their ability to sell merchandise at a low cost. Kenny (2013) refers the “global Walmart effect” of making huge profits off of merchandise purchased and shipped at lower cost from developing countries. For example, food is sold at Walmart for 25% lower than what traditional supermarkets would sell it. Kenny (2013)…

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