Waaas Manpower Recruitment Agency Case Study

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Waas manpower recruitment agency is a limited liability company which provides contingent and permanent workforce solution to the private and public sector business organizations in Sri Lanka. The company offers for its customers, a good quality and highly qualified professionals in order to fulfill the customer requirements. It will be equipped with the experts who are specialized in various fields to provide accounting, finance, IT, legal consultation, marketing, cleaning services and other clerical services for a wide range of organizations and individuals. In addition to providing suitable candidates to the job vacancies, the company will be provided services such as reference checks, skills evaluation, interviewing of applicants, selecting …show more content…
Therefore, manpower recruitment agencies are in a position to create advantages not only to its customers but also to the entire society as well. The company helps its clients to hire the most suitable employee base in order to fulfill the demand of the human resource. Due to the competitiveness, it is not easy to select the most suitable person for a particular job from the pool of candidates. But the company will assist its clients to effortlessly find the most suitable employee with its experts in the field. Through the company, the business organizations are able to recruit the right person to the right job at right time. It will minimize the grievances which could arise through inappropriate recruitment and assist in improving the productivity of respective business organizations. Moreover, recruiting by the organizations themselves, the recruitment of employees via recruitment agency will be considerably a cost effective effort. Any business organization which operates in Sri Lanka should comply with the labor laws in the country from its recruitment process to the retirement of the employee. Since the recruitment agency is more familiar with these laws, it will assist the business organizations to minimize many legal implications that could arise from the inappropriate recruitment process. Waas has a larger network of available workers than do many employers and have …show more content…
Thereby it was expected to develop an efficacious business plan for Waas Man Power Recruitment Agency using the findings of the market survey.
Accordingly, the research question was developed as “Whether a newly incorporated manpower recruitment agency will be able to create a competitive advantage in the Sri Lankan market under current economic and market situations?” After considering the research problem as mentioned, three research questions were developed for the survey;
1. What are the economic and market conditions that may create an impact on the manpower recruitment

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