Virtual Meetings: Smart Management Analysis Essay

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Virtual Meetings: Smart Management Analysis
Jeff Hebert
April 27, 2012
City University, Bellevue, WA
Virtual Meetings: Smart Management Analysis Teleconferencing and video conferencing are a technologies that allow individuals to conduct meetings virtually. A virtual meeting can be as simple as a multi person conference call, to a full blown video meeting with several individuals from all over the world. Technology advances and increases in travel costs have made virtual meetings an attractive option for both small and large businesses. However, companies must be aware of the risks of virtual meetings and implement proper precautions to avoid loss of intellectual property or sensitive company information. This paper will
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Other companies, such as Cisco Systems, HP, Panasonic, and Sony offer both hardware and software for larger business applications, such as telepresence.
A virtual meeting utilizes video cameras, usually web cams, monitors, audio devices, such as microphones, computer hardware, video monitor, and software. The video and audio streams are captured on the host system and compressed. After compression, the data is divided into segments, called packets. The packets are then transmitted from the host to a recipient, or recipients system through a digital network, such as the internet. The data is decompressed and converted into audio and video on the recipient’s hardware. Video and audio transmissions occur in real time, with little latency or delay for high bandwidth systems. Advances in technology have allowed personal computers, cell phones, IPads, virtually any device with internet connectivity to be used for virtual meetings. Larger, higher quality systems use dedicated computers and audio devices solely for virtual meetings. Video conferencing software also allows to real time editing of documents from all participants, real time file sharing, white board applications, and several annotation and note features.
Video versus Telepresence Telepresence is best described as a high end, enhanced video conference. Good (2007) describes

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