Violent Video Games And Young People Essay

1808 Words Nov 20th, 2015 8 Pages
The problem of violence in media that younger children are exposed to effects parents and adults that are allowing their children to participate in such actions. The problem was identified by some researchers that have done multiple studies to better help parents understand what is really at stake here (“Violent Video Games And Young People”). The problem is caused by the media that have chosen to show violent aggressive manners to the younger children, even if it means adding in violent actions that are not healthy for children. Parents and other adults that are willing to take a stand that spread the studies that have been done to other adults to better get their attention can solve the problem. Some people may say that the problem starts when the parent or adults lets young child engage in media that has violence in it. Parents may not understand fully what is happening to their children, but should be made aware of the problem before it is too last. The problem not only needs to be made aware to parents and adults, but also to the Federal Communications Commission, so they can put a stop to the game designers designing unhealthy games. The Federal Communications Commission may not fully realize the significant of the problem but many different studies have been done to closely related violence in media to a child’s aggressive behavior. The problem is reported to the public once it has gone too far. We see this sometimes in news repost that talk about adolescence…

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