Videogames Is The Pinnacle Of Modern Day Entertainment Essay

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Videogames have been the pinnacle of modern day entertainment ever since the late 1980’s where it really took the attention of many young children seeking entertainment outside of watching TV. The only problem with this is the fact that videogames, like everything else that is popular, will have controversy. The main problem surrounding videogames is the fact that they are considered violent and unsafe for young children to play while also being blamed for inspiring countless acts of horrific crimes such as mass shootings, and murder which most of the time is unjustified and makes no sense. Videogames don’t cause violence because there is no evidence to back it up, it’s just a scapegoat for lazy politicians who don’t want to deal with the actual issue, and there are already studies that have proven that videogames help people and benefit their lives. Videogames have been around since the early 1950s and have been evolving ever since. Videogames started out as a method of research in the early 1950’s as programs to help improve studies on various combat techniques to help in various war scenarios. The first ever video “game” ever made was "Spacewar!” and it was made in 1961 by several students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Videogames really became popular in the early 1980’s when a company named Nintendo launch a system called the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) which brought gaming to your home for a reasonable cost. This sold millions of units and…

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