Essay on Video Games Have Always Been My Escape

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Ever since I can remember video games have always been my escape. On my ninth birthday I received my xbox 360 and since that day I have never look back. With my xbox I have made memories and friendships that will last life a life time. Although some believe things in life are either good or bad, it can be seen through Xbox that things are both good and bad, but it’s the proportion between good and bad that matters, this can be seen through new games, finishing games, and new systems that proves that a disproportionate amount of good versus bad creates good memories.
With the Xbox there were many games that I have played that have taken me on hundreds of adventures. Over the years I have traveled both forward and backward in time and around the world. When I first received the xbox I mainly played basic games such as Guitar Hero and Lego games, but as time progressed the games I played on the Xbox became more advanced. I began to play shooters, and that is where I began to experience the social aspect of Xbox. I would play these shooters with my friends, and we would work as a team in order to defeat the other teams. Our teamwork brought us closer which resulted in friendship. This online friendships transferred to “real life” friendships were I would hang out with my teammates in “real life”. My best friends were the ones that I spent time “powning noobs” online and hanging out and playing basketball with. All these games that I play also expanded my imagination. By playing…

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