Video Games Argumentative Essay

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Register to read the introduction… These are feasible facts and in this paragraph, you will view my opinion of this argument. I am an avid game player and I know firsthand that it takes an abundance of motor skills and brain function to be able to play a game and play it well. Controlling a character on a screen with a multi button, multi-function remote, without looking at it once, definitely takes well-defined hand-eye coordination. Finding ways to get through puzzles in games and defeat challenging levels shapes the problem solving area of the brain, because it forces them to create strategies and makes them think; what can I do to get through this? What have I not tried yet? What can I try next? Depending on what game the child plays, they can acquire problem-solving skills; however, the fact of appropriateness remains. Many “brain puzzler” games out there can teach and advance a child’s mind, while affectively eradicating violence exposure and protecting innocence. There is a vast assortment of games that are suitable and fun, which do not have to worry parents. It is all about the will to do what is best for the child. We as parents are in charge, we give the orders, we set the blocks, and we buy the goods. We can choose games that model our children’s minds because, yes, they do …show more content…
In fact, he states that, “action video gamers tend to be more attune to their surroundings while performing tasks like driving down a residential street, where they may be more likely to pick out a child running after a ball than a non-video gamer.” 1 I read in this enthralling study that gamers can actually be useful to help in the rehabilitation of people whose eyesight was ruined, as well as to train soldiers for combat. Daphne Bavelier, an associate professor of brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester says this, "It is certainly good training for people in situations where they need to detect things in their visual environment at any time in any location, like ground troops going through uncharted territory"2. Bavelier and her graduate student Shawn conducted experiments based on attention spans, visual attention skills and the like. They stumbled upon the link between video games and increased visual attention spans doing so and according to the experiments, “people that regularly play video games can process visual information more quickly and can track thirty percent more objects than non-video game players”3. A study with Beth Israel and the Institute on Media and the Family did a study on the beneficial effects of video games’ mind stimulation using twelve doctors and surgeons. Dr.

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