Video Games And Its Impact On Children Essay

1279 Words Mar 16th, 2016 6 Pages
Video Games are being targeted by most adults that either don 't approve of them or they would rather have kids and teen focus more on school and getting a job then having fun while learning. Video Games can help improve three main things in life, those are a better social life , your physique, both your mentality and your overall emotional well being.

Video Games can overall enhance your social skills, since there are many different games out there from single person role playing games like the Dragon Age series, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Diablo to the strategic multiplayer games like League of Legends(LoL), Call of Duty(CoD), and World of Warcraft(WoW). Although there are many great different types of games it 's most multiplayer games that have the most impact because in these types of games you not only can make new friends from anywhere in the world, but you learn the work with people in making up strategies to either raid a dungeon or to wipe out the opposing team to win the round. Furthermore making friend is not the only thing that videogames can help with, it can also be either a career or can help you become a better employee. It 's possible to make a career out of gaming, whether you have a channel on YouTube or you stream your content live for anyone to watch. Additionally if you make the usual training into a video game, then it 's possible for new employees to learn better and faster than those who learn from passive teaching methods. Not only do…

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