Essay about Video Games And Its Effects On The World

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Have you ever been watching a movie, or playing a game, that had you so immersed, you needed to remind yourself this was a fantasy? Storming the beaches of Normandy, traversing the galaxy on an Imperial Star Destroyed, or slinging through downtown Manhattan next to Spider-Man, all different mediums of film, television and video games have the power to integrate their audiences into their world, and create an exciting and enjoyable experience. When fanfiction develops, techniques are employed correctly, and the audience gets a unique experience, movie makers have the power to achieve full immersion. For film, when all the techniques and styles are applied correctly, audiences will literally feel like they are standing shoulder to shoulder with the onscreen characters. Video games with overpowering composition and beautifully crafted worlds will cause the player to immerse themselves into a virtual world. When we see the audience becomes so immersed, that a fan following of fiction spins off from it, leading to a limitless diversity further strengthening the fantasy universe. Before an ultimate fantasy universe can achieved, filled with more fan fiction than works can be created, there needs to be a piece of work that sets itself as the foundation. Going back to the basics, we generally want to a film or television show that draws the audience in. The piece needs to create a sense that overpowers audiences and truly creates a need for them to recreate the said universe at…

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