Of Mice And Men Movie And Book Comparison Essay

There are two types of people in this world; watchers and readers. Some people prefer using their own imagination for entertainment, others prefer to visually entertainment. I prefer visual entertainment, and I believe this is the best type. A great example is "Of Mice and Men". Gary Sinise's 1993 "Of Mice and Men" is better than John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men". Gary Sinise's took the good story line of Steinbeck's novel and gave it a "visual makeover". Sinise's film is better than the novel for a few reasons; dialogue placement is better, more suspenseful, and finally better descriptions/imagery.

While thinking about the visual aspect of the movie, you must also think of verbal aspect. A good movie flows smooth,modest have plot holes, or unanswered questions(unless intended,to add to quality of the movie).When comparing Sinise's and Steinbeck's works, you will find small details, which don't really matter. Larger details are more important that have been switched around from the novel to the film. For example,towards the beginning of the book/movie when we as listeners begin to understand Lenny, there is a small but important change.Lenny has a dead mouse in his hand, George
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The movie is more of a thriller, due to its variety of features. We also understand the characters better, because we see them "in action". We can see how George treats Lenny, what he sacrifices for him. We also see how George is like Lenny's "big brother". These can be easily identified because of the way the movie flows, the placement of important details.Being able to see is much easier to comprehend than to read sometimes. After watching the movie it felt more dramatic, then finishing the book. Putting things to film and spicing it up with good actors/actresses, using good choices of dialogue and dialogue placement, and having the character seem more realistic makes any book into an award winning

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