Saving Private Ryan Analysis

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Jacob Detampel
American Studies Lit/Comp 11
Date: 1-4-16
Saving Private Ryan (1998) This movie was directed by Steven Spielberg, a very famous Director of all sorts of Hollywood movies. Saving Private Ryan focuses on the final stages of World War II. This film shows the D-day invasion, combat in towns, and combat in the countryside. All with the added effect of human emotion as well as rational thought.
To start, the accuracy of this movie is very high. Especially the first scene where the Americans start the D-day invasion. In this scene, thousands of American troops storm the beaches of Normandy.("Saving Private Ryan") All of them trying to get close to the machine gun bunkers. Many are shot as soon as they get off the boat.("Saving
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There was no such squad called the 2nd ranger in World War II.("Saving Private Ryan: 21 Facts You Didn't Know.") The "Private Ryan" they’re supposed to save is kind of true. Sergeant Frederick "Fritz" Niland was also part of the 101st airborne division, and he was sent home because his brothers were killed.("The Story Behind the Movie Saving Private Ryan.") This film was mainly based around him. Next, the tanks used in the film were modified T-34/85 Russian tanks.("Saving Private Ryan: 21 Facts You Didn't Know.") On the tank itself the wheels are not interweaved like the German tanks.("Saving Private Ryan: 21 Facts You Didn't Know.") It also had a T-34/85 chassis for the tank itself.("Saving Private Ryan: 21 Facts You Didn't Know.") Plus, the scene of D-day was shot at an Ireland beach, not at Normandy.("Saving Private Ryan: 21 Facts You Didn't Know.") Also, the town of Ramelle where the final battle scene, is fake. Ramelle was a fictional town put into the movie.("Saving Private Ryan: 21 Facts You Didn't Know.") Not to mention, there were several bloopers in the film itself, but hardly noticeable. Like things being moved in different shots of the camera, or seeing some fake prostatic chests.("Saving Private Ryan Movie Mistakes.") Other than that, this movie has a really good story to it, making it an excellent war …show more content…
Realistic weapons, gore, and emotions of World War II soldiers. Not to mention, this film used actually objectives, and strategies used in World War II. Steven Spielberg really wanted to make the audience feel like they’re actually there in the moment. The actors were put through a 10-day boot camp session to get more into acting like they were a soldier in World War II. Almost everything said can be referenced to what to happened in World War II. For example, the telegram offices that were used to send notes about the soldiers. In the the notes, they would tell about what happened to the soldier, and give their sympathies. This was a very common occurrence in World War II. Again, this film one of the most historically accurate films of World War

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