Suspense In The Movie Jaws

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Often times iconic scenes in a movie will have amazing music, sound effects and vocals to tie the whole scene together, and with all of these, visuals are not really needed, they will only give a crystal clear image of what the director has already portrayed with sound. One example could be the shower scene in Psycho; if you turn off the screen and only listen to the sound; an almost crystal clear visual is made because you can hear what is actually going on. Another perfect example is the movie Jaws (1975). The iconic scene in the movie is when Brody finally kills the beast; with the music, the sound effects and the vocals combined, a feeling of suspense becomes apparent with the audience, as well as that of a sigh of relief once Bruce is …show more content…
The music itself is very fast paced and heroic in a way but doesn’t start until Bruce is circling the boat. This brings in that feeling of fear and suspense, because throughout the movie we are with Brody and he becomes a favorite really fast. The music lets the audience feel like something is definitely about to happen to Brody, and no one wants that to happen. Brody is first seen running around the cabin in the boat and then Bruce, breaks through the window to Brody. He then, with some struggle, shoves an air tank into Bruce’s mouth and the shark slinks out of the boat back into the water. This is where the music finally starts to build up the suspenseful part of this scene. It starts fast and gets very heroic in a way. The shot pans over to Brody climbing the mast of the boat with a gun and a tagging stick, with Bruce out in the distance, circling the boat As the boat is sinking Brody continues to climb up until Bruce pops out of the water. Brody …show more content…
You can hear heavy breathing from Brody at the beginning of the scene as he is going through the cabin and then he jumps when Bruce crashes through the boat. He still is breathing heavily during this point; he doesn’t scream just an intake of air. There are no more vocals until Brody is trying the shoot the air tank that’s still in Bruce’s mouth. All he says is “Show me the tank” (Jaws 1975). This gives the audience a hint as to hat Brody is trying to do with shooting at the beast. There is the obvious of trying to kill Bruce but this allows you to see the reason for the tank still being in the shark’s mouth is so the shark could blow up. The next thing Brody says is “Blow Up” (Jaws 1975). He says this with a very frustrated voice, and this also lets the audience know for sure what Brody is trying to accomplish. The shark is still not dead at this point and Brody is starting to get frustrated and says, “While, you son of a –“ (Jaws 1975). This then cuts to the sound of Bruce blowing up into pieces that causes Brody to starts cheering, showing that the terror is finally dead and gone.
Jaws (1975) is one movie that is considered a classic and no one can forget its iconic scene with Brody killing Bruce. Everything in that scene from music, sound effects and the vocals; or lack of, all tie together to create an amazing last scene for the movie. Think about this song lyric from A.R

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