City Of God Analysis Essay

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Textural Analysis of City of God

The task for my APP assignment was to select a suitable 2-3 minute extract from a film or television programme and write a detailed textual analysis. The extract I decided to choose was the opening sequence of City of God.

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(Run audio and video) The opening sequence of City of God. (Run for 3 minute and 13 seconds.)

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Presenter: Sound
In this particular sequence sound is an important feature, it gives us a sense of place and time. Nichols states that ‘sound is as crucial as image in conveying meaning’ (2010, 64). I believe this opening sequence is an excellent example as it perfectly sums up the impact
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The chicken is considered the first relatable character in the film, it has personality and emotion and the audience are prompted to relate to it. The malnourished chicken suggests that the film is shot in a poorer area of the world. Close up shots are used in order to show fear within the chicken (Fig 9). The first minute or so of the film is made up of entirely close ups this combined with fast paced editing and audio creates a thrilling experience. The sequence uses a wide range of shots to keep the story flowing, the use of close ups of the antagonist laughing (fig 10) signifies a character we relate too as evil. The proxemics of the film are between the protagonist and the antagonist, the chicken is used to tie their stories together and link the two characters. In (fig 11) the camera cuts from the scene of the chicken being hunted to a medium long shot of the protagonist, we know the characters in this shot are important due to fact the camera tracks them as they walk down some stairs. Another shot that stands out is (fig 12) the use of a long shot here puts emphasis on the standoff. We see a gang of young and old youths pointing guns at the screen, this sums up the type of film we’re watching and creates a very violent

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