Essay On Sanctuary City

Many cities within the United States have become sanctuary city. Sanctuary city has a policy that protect undocumented immigrants from being punished for violating solely the immigration laws. The administration of the sanctuary city sees a need for protection to those people who came to the United States to escape from the cruel condition they are facing in their home countries. Our new president, Donald Trump, is opposing to the existence of these kind of city. In his presidential debate on the immigration policy, he says that he would cut off federal funding for every city that is considered sanctuary. Trump believes that the illegal immigrants would obstruct the growth of America; therefore, eliminating the sanctuary city status could promote …show more content…
During Trump’s presidential campaign, he argues that the undocumented immigrants are stealing American citizen’s jobs and making the economy of the United States worse. However, in reality, they actually contribute to the U.S. economy. Illegal immigrants are more willing to take less desirable works that the American citizens do not want. How can people complaining about this issue when they do not even care about that kind of jobs? Most places have agriculture related works which are tedious, exhausting, and paying low wages. In the 1960s, Middletown economy was dying because of the people who left the agricultural works behind; however, the economy started to recover when many immigrants came and accepted those undesirable jobs in the 1980s (Gibson 3). Not many people would be willing to take the agricultural jobs if all undocumented immigrants are being deported. Small businesses can find a way to stay active when these immigrants can take these jobs. When they contribute to the economy, it benefits everybody in this country. Trump had argued before that only few of these undocumented immigrants are paying taxes, and they are paying as little as they can. However, in the study “Undocumented Immigrants’ State and Local Tax Contribution,” shows that 11 million of the undocumented immigrants are paying in total $11.64 billion in taxes per year. Imagine how much more they are going to pay after they get legalized (Persaud 1). These people not only contribute to the local economy by getting into workforce, but also paying government taxes for more federal

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