Video Games And Its Effects On Society Essay example

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Technology has been taking over the lives of adults and children all over the world in a very adverse way. Video games today can be used for fun and entertainment, but can also have negative effects on the lives of people all around. To play it here or there a few times a week is okay, but when it starts to become an obsession and an everyday thing is when it becomes unhealthy. It’s very easy for kids and adults to get hooked to the game plots and fantasy worlds. It soon starts to become an addiction playing the latest and oldest games known using the games as a get away from the world.
While video games might be fun and entertaining, it could have an effect on your social life and skills in the real world. It’s easy to hide behind a screen not wanting to deal with the realities of the world. Video games can become a gateway to avoiding their problems and troubles of the world. “Children who play four to five hours per day have no time for socializing, doing homework, or playing sports, he says. “That takes away from normal social development. You can get a 21-year-old with the emotional intelligence of a 12-year-old. He 's never learned to talk to girls. He 's never learned to play a sport."(Rauh). Getting so indulged in video games takes away the opportunity to form social bonding, relationships, instead they create their own worlds in these video games and try to make it their reality. For some people it allows a way to form friendships or people to talk too, often…

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