The Effects Of Playing Video Games On Children Obesity?

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With the development of advanced science and technologies, a remarkable improvement of people 's living standard has been achieved globally. For instance, as an advanced technology, computer technology is constantly bringing fundamental changes into the lives of Canadians. As an important derivative product of computer science, video games have become a popular entertainment method that enriches the entertainment life of Canadians impressively, especially to children (5-11 years old) and youth (12-17 years old). However, with the prevalence of video games among the young generation, more problems are brought to our attention. Critics of video games argue that video games have many negative influences on the health of children and youth, and …show more content…
One widespread point is that there is no sufficient evidence to determine the effect of playing video games on obesity. For instance, Shoham et al. (2012) argue that there is no evidence to prove the certain effect of video games on children obesity issues for certain; compared with other factors such as peer influence, family environment, and inheritance, the use of video games seems as an insignificant factor in obesity issues. Some academics also insist that the positive changes made by game developers should not be ignored as well. After improvements and new designs, some video games can even be helpful to prevent obesity. For instance, a new type of video games called active video games (AVGs) has become popular among young gamers recently. Exergames require physical movements during the game time. According to the study by Adamo, Rutherford, and Goldfield (2010: 805), playing AVGs is an effective method to prevent the possibility of obesity. From the perspective of these studies, prolonged time for video games among children and youth is an insignificant factor responsible for the increasing obesity

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