The Pros And Cons Of Cocooning

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In the town square of a small village, two men are having what looks like a heated conversation. One of the men is doing all of the talking while the over man looks like an abused puppy. The first man, the one in charge, spits on the second and screams at him because he insulted the first man. The second man begs for mercy while the first pulls out his knife and slices at his stomach. He continues slicing him eight times until the second man is on the ground yelling. The first man then continues to stab the second man five more times until he is dead. The first man then walks away from the dead man, telling his other workers, “Let this be a lesson to the rest of you. Think twice before telling me something cannot be done” (Assassin’s Creed). …show more content…
In order to complete it quickly, the gamer cocoons him or her self. “Cocooning” is the phenomenon of people spending more time at home and surrounding themselves with technology instead of socializing with other people in public (Steigler). This is made extremely easy since the advances of technology have come so far. People can work from home, order food, have entertainment, and converse with friends and family. People who cocoon themselves don’t go out and socialize with other people. They are convinced that everything they need is right there at home and are becoming antisocial. Cocooning is becoming progressively common since technology has made it easy for people to obtain everything they need from the safety of their own home. People are spending more time playing Assassin’s Creed than socializing with other human …show more content…
Games like Assassin’s Creed that has multiple games and story lines in its series. Once someone finishes the first game, they can just move onto the next game in the series. It becomes a whole new world and a whole new task to complete. When someone gets consumed in a game, like Assassin’s Creed, it gets incredibly effortless to lose track of time and family. The gamer could become so engulfed in the game that they forget to eat, sleep, spend time with family and friends, homework if they are in school still, or do simple, necessary everyday activities.
In contrast to games causing people to start acting in an antisocial behavior, live gaming has begun to be popular among the video gaming community as a way to connect with other gamers. Live games are where people can log on and compete against and with each other. An example of this type of game is “Assassins Creed”. In Assassins Creed, a person is able to connect with other people who have the same interests as them. Even though they are “communicating” in a way, they are not learning how to socialize face to face therefore becoming more antisocial than someone who goes out to parties and social

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