The Negative Impact Of Computers On Children

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Due to the major developments in technology over the last 20 years, almost all children

in Western countries such as UK, France and US have access to technology, namely

computers and technology (S.Dutta, B.Bilbao-Osorio 2012). Many people believe computers

have had a negative impact on the lives of children. However, there are those who think the

effects are overwhelmingly positive.

The internet has strengthened relationships with other countries amongst other things.

The widespread usage of computers has also led to schools using them to make learning

easier and more effective. For example in the UK, majority of lessons are now taught

electronically using interactive whiteboards rather than from text books (William D.
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Also, children may become too dependent on computers to learn rather than the old

fashioned way of reading a book or playing with other children that are of similar ages to


With all that being said, there are people, many of whom believe that computers have

nothing but positive impact on children and society. Many argue that computers help to

develop fine motor skills in children as it gets them to use their fingers as much as if they

were drawing a picture3. They also say it helps them to develop hand-eye coordination as

they soon get used to the QWERTY keyboard4. Another positive aspect to children using

computers is, it is educational for them. It is much easier for children to learn about

information now that it was 10-15 years ago. It helps parents out a lot of the times who are

on homework duty; access encyclopedia, educational catalogs and magazines (Tracy K.

Gartelmann 2003).

It is also very good for helping children with exam revision. This can be both enjoyable

and effective for a child and not so mundane and boring using from using a textbook.
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We are living in the Z

generation where children are highly connected to technology such as the World Wide Web,

what’s app, emails, text messages, and mobile phones and so on (Will Palley 2012). In

relation to the negative impact of computer usage for children, it will change nothing

because the society we live in today requires full usage of computers. In conclusion, there are positives and negatives aspects to children using computers and

many academics have argued that the latter outweighs. In my own opinion, I’m neither for

nor against because both have physical, psychological, emotional, social and mental impact

on children. Computers are good for children in terms of helping them to develop socially

and educationally but it can also be bad for their physical health. It can cause them to

become obese and very lazy.

All responsibility rests strictly on the parents and adults in charge of supervising; teachers

or other relatives or friends as to the amount of time their children spend using computers.

To monitor content of what children are exposed to, there needs to be properly installed

parental control. There shouldn’t be too much or too little usage. However, there needs

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