Video Games Negative Effects Essay

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Negative Effects of Video Games
Have you ever been addicted to a video game? If you have, then did you know that being addicted to a video game can have some very negative effects? These days there are many children and teens that are socially isolated from the real world due to an addiction to video games. Video games may seem like a harmless way to relieve stress, but in the long run, it can make actually make your life more stressful, and can generate health problems. Playing video games can have many negative effects on you, such as, it makes you think differently, and it can cause you to have health problems in the future. In the first paragraph I will talk about the health problems that video games can cause. The second paragraph will
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Just because you are playing a video game online, and meet friends online, that doesn’t mean you truly have a friend. A friend is someone who you can meet in person and interact with them. Many kids think that they are still part of the social world when they are playing an online game, but really they are not. Relationships with friends and family members may suffer if you are spending more time gaming than talking to or going out with family and friends. The “Online Gamers Anonymous” website notes that “gaming may be negatively affecting your child 's life if he only wants to talk about video games, lies to cover up the amount of time he spends playing, and argues with you over his excessive gaming.” Kids tend to replace their real social life with their online social life, and these kids don’t realize their mistake, until they get older. “Reality is broken. Game designers can fix it.” (McGonigal, 2014). This quote explains how gamers go to their virtual life when real life is hard. A simple video game can cause conflict with you and your family. During times like dinner time, where you unite with your family, addictive gamers might just avoid that because it wastes their game time. This can cause a separation between your family and friends. Eventually people would get fed up of your behaviour and stop trying to stop you from playing video games. It has also been shown that people who spend most of their time behind a screen, and not talking to people, tend to be more anti-social, and socially awkward. This can cause you to not want to join clubs and teams, where you have a chance to be social. This can have a bad long term effect, such as getting a job in the future. For example, when you go for an interview for a job, you would be really nervous, because you are socially awkward. This can prevent you from getting the job, and cause you to

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