Essay about Video Game Addiction At High School

805 Words Oct 28th, 2015 4 Pages
A time in my life that caused me to learn a lesson was when I had a video game addiction at the start of high school, which caused me to experience bad grades, poor health, and little to no friends. My video game addiction had me playing games for so long that I would put off my school assignments leading to me having a .1 GPA for that year. When I started high school I was 4,9 and 180lbs At the end of my freshman year with the help of constant video games and a less then healthy diet I ended up being 4,11 and close to 250lbs. At the start of high school I had a lot of friends who always came over but little by little they stopped because I was always busy playing video games. My video game addiction in high school caused me to have bad grades, poor health, and loss of friends and allowed me to learn an important lesson early in my life. Getting bad grades in high school is very easy to do but even easier when you spend almost all your time after school playing video games. While I was at school I did all my work and got good scores on tests and in-class assignments but homework making up 55% of your overall grade made it impossible for me to pass while I was obsessed with playing video games. My grandparents, who raised me since i was 3 or 4, tried to get me to do my homework but they were more concerned with my sisters and never really took away my games when i refused to stop playing to do my homework. Whenever my grandparents did push for me to do my homework i…

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