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Value Alignment for Coca-Cola

Value Alignment for Coca-Cola
The Origin and Evolution of Coca-Cola’s Workplace Values
In May 1886 as a one man business in Atlanta, GA, Dr. John Pemberton, a Pharmacist who created the noncarbonated drink as medicine used as a medical elixir, nerve, and brain tonic during the origin(s) and subsequent evolution of Coca-cola started. Later carbonated dihydrogen monoxide was integrated into the drink presently known as Coca-Cola. Robert Goizueta is the current operator of Coca-Cola, thinks that without people the company would not be victorious. Coca-Cola believes that employees and bellwethers in the company will live their personal and workplace values. Diversity is the heart of the company and
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It means everything to the company to keep their quality good so that customers will keep coming back. As an individual, these values are important in everyday life. When someone has passion for what he or she does it will make the value better.
Organization’s Stated Values verses the Organization’s Actual Plans and Actions When reviewing Coca-Cola’s listed values versus the values they live by, there are many similarities. The Coca-Cola organization provides seven core values in the workplace that consist of “leadership, collaboration, passion, integrity, quality, diversity, and accountability” (The Coca-Cola Company, 2012), which serve as a scope for the company’s actions and illustrates how the company performs worldwide. Coca-Cola is a classic American organization; however, the Coca-Cola organization is known globally as one of the most successful companies in the marketplace, and the company is not only known in the United States, they are also known internationally in other countries within Europe and Asia. Furthermore, the organization plans and actions support their diversity values, which consist of more than 120,000 employees across the world and above 500 various products that display diversity in employment as well as created products by the organization. The Coca-Cola organization is praised for their diversity attempts that landed the organization in the number three place of the hugest

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