Strategic Structure Of Coca Cola

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4.1 Propose a suitable structure for a strategy plan that ensures appropriate participation from all stakeholders of Coca-Cola Company.

The core spirit of organizational plan is the action of a series of parameters that decide the partition of labor and the accomplishment of coordination and management. Every time keeping in mind the organizational requirements of the Coca-Cola Company, following is the suggested strategy plan ‘Matrix Organizational structure’ based on the grouping and the market & functions.

This proposed structure will serve the Coca-Cola end markets and because the workflow interdependencies are significant and the organization cannot cover them by consistency adopting this composition will be inclined to favor the market
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• Quicker and better decisions about decentralization.
• Improving to move forward to access to a varied range of skills and perspectives of the tasks.
• Try reaching to the improved global and local regional projects
• Increased communication is required and coordination across the business is necessary
• Reflects the needs of regional and local customers (Scholz, 2008, pp.248-49)

4.2 Develop criteria for reviewing potential options for a strategy Plan of Coca-Cola Company

An organization is feasible if it can go on in a particular kind of environment. Though its survival is unique, and if it enjoys the kind of independence, it cannot survive in a vacuity. Therefore it can be said that apart from the typical SWOT and PESTL analysis, the benchmarking criteria should be reviewed for possible option concerning a management
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Each unit must have an advanced capacity to broadcast a particular amount of information relevant to variety collection in a specified time than the originating associate system has to generate it in that time.

Additionally to review the possible options for the management strategy and structure of the organization we have to make sure that the best possible strategy obviously considers the strength and size of the organization, its technical system, its environment and the leading structure. As the Coca-Cola Company has a long history of its life and it is in service at an international level so the planned management strategy should more elaborated and sophisticated in its structure; that is the more devoted its jobs and units and the more developed its managerial mechanism.

The potential strategy must keep away from technological doubts; it should provide which production and equipped technology will show to be the most proficient? It should be free of strategic doubts. The potential organization strategy should be clearly and recognized and diverse firms are groping with different approaches to product\market positioning and place, marketing, servicing etc, also having a bet on different product configurations or technologies of the

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