Valley Of Five Drifts Book Report

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The series of unfortunate events : a slippery slope details the misadventures of the children Sunny, Klaus and Violet. In the story the youngest of the Baudelaire's, Sunny, gets abducted by a gang of villains. Their leader being Count Oaf who has tormented the children ever since he found out about their fortunes. As the plot unfolds you find out that the children's allegedly dead parents may not even be dead. They obtain this information from a secret organization known as the VDF {Valley of Five Drifts from what we know so far.} They provide details as to where the parents may be and how to find them. The VDF also have information about Count Olaf that could lock him up forever thus destroying his dream of becoming a full time
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Whether it's money, love, happiness etc. often in a sense of greed or for some type of fulfillment. For Klaus and Violet that person was Count Olaf. This book follows their adventure in trying to rescue their sibling from captivity. Through hardship, personal growth show as strength, knowledge, and perseverance they manage to rescue her. In the real world people you love, or people you hate are going to put you down. But you have to be the adult in the situation and handle it and yourself maturely. It's hard, it takes a lot of comprehension, and power to try and figure out how to work around things. Sunny for example a 3 or even younger girl gets kidnapped from her siblings she doesn't know what to do, or why her siblings aren't with her. This girl was forced to do things she wasn't equipped to do such as building tents, fetching things for the bad guys, doing housework, and on top of everything she was forced to sleep in a dish. Sunny was patient and determined and luckily enough for her, her brother and sister came to her rescue. Some are fortunate to have someone by their side while others are not. Regardless you have to be able to get out of situations to help better yourself, for me i draw out how I'm feeling and that helps me cope if I'm having a hard time which is a good example of how to expel your feelings into something good. Others have a hard time and lash out on others damaging

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