Vaccinations And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Vaccinations Encounter Defamation Most parents of children will face the choice of whether to vaccinate their child or not. When making a decision, undecided parents will likely ask doctors, their parents and the internet for answers. Naturally, parents will want to protect their children from diseases and viruses such as the flu, Hepatitis B, measles, mumps etc. However, with media fueling heated debates and celebrities speaking out against vaccinations, this seemingly simple decision has become one which ruminates in the minds of a myriad of parents. Hesitant parents will have questions about vaccinations and it’s safety after hearing stories of vaccines linked with a plethora of side effects and other dubious information. Nonetheless, in truth vaccines are not as adverse as people or the media make it out to be. It has become clear that vaccinating children will offer more benefits than risks and is therefore the better choice.
Although I grant that vaccines have risks, I still maintain that the probability of acquiring these risks are low. However, vaccines have to be approved by the FDA, undergoing a very vigorous set of trials which may take up to years. Even after approval of the vaccine, doctors will seek recommendation from well respected medical organizations. For example, the hepatitis B vaccine has only one serious side effect of anaphylaxis (hives, drop in blood pressure and difficulty breathing). However, the chance of anaphylaxis occurring is 1/600000,…

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