Varicella Vaccine Disadvantages

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Parents believe they know what is best for their children. A new fad that seems to be developing with young parents is vaccination refusal. The United State Center for Disease Control says that less than two percent of parents avoid vaccines (Knopper 40). However, 76% of the nation’s children, 24 to 35 months, are not up to date with their vaccines (Grandstaff 8). These young parents are looking for, what they believe are, healthier alternatives to vaccines (Knopper 40). These parents rarely consult their doctors; they believe doctors are just using vaccines as a way to make more money (Kluger 40). They have started taking their children’s health, and the health of others, into their own hands. Many parents believe they are making the …show more content…
This vaccine has much safer potential side effects than those of the wild strain of Chickenpox. The most common side effects of the vaccine include rash, fever, soreness, swelling, tiredness, and fussiness (Dr. Greene). The Varicella Virus Vaccine has also proven to prevent against Shingles more effectively than the wild strand of the Chickenpox (Dr. Greene). Many parents do not only vaccinate their children for the health risks, but also for the economical ones (Dr. Greene). The cost of the vaccine is much less, than the cost of missed work, missed school, and childcare (Dr. Greene). The wild strain of the Chickenpox builds a stronger immunization, but the vaccine is smarter economically, with many of the same benefits (Knopper …show more content…
Over the last twenty-five years, the number of vaccinations children are required to receive to enter public schools has nearly doubled (Knopper 40). Currently children are receiving up to four vaccinations at one time (Knopper 40). Many parents who do not vaccinate their children believe there are too many vaccinations and with all the vaccinations combined will actually overwhelm the immune system (Wilson 34). Children’s immune systems are able to respond to around 10,000 different challenges at the same time (Wilson 34). The original smallpox vaccine contained over 200 different immune changing toxins in one shot (Park 40). Today there are less than 150 toxins in all 15 required vaccinations (Park 40). Due to the vast amount of immune altering toxins, some young parents do not want to vaccinate their children. These parents believe that vaccinations are manipulating the immune system, instead of enhancing it (Knopper 40).
Vaccinations are a blessing. In the past, it was very common to die from diphtheria, measles, or the whooping cough (Wilson 34). It was also common to suffer paralyses because of polio, be born deaf, or be born blind because of congenital rubella (Wilson 34). In the past, 1 in 3 children died before their fifth birthday (Wilson 34). Now, in developed countries, less than 1 in 150 die before the age of five (Wilson 34). These statistics show that there have been many medical advancements

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