Vaccines Argumentative Essay

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34% of parents delay or refuse to vaccinate their children (Smith). Parents question the safety and effectiveness of vaccines which causes hesitation. Even though vaccines have been around for hundreds of years, people still have doubts and uncertainties that make the decision of vaccinating their children difficult. People lack the education of why and how vaccines save lives. Educating new parents on vaccines could show them what they need to know. However, vaccinations have become a revolutionary medical procedure that should be taken advantage of by everyone. Although some believe vaccines do more harm than good, in actuality, vaccines save time and money, do not cause autism, and go through intensive testing to meet safety measures; Vaccines can even protect future generations and eradicate serious illnesses.
Vaccines can cost a large amount of money to produce and administer; a single vaccine can cost around half a billion dollars. The rising cost contributes to the
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As researchers Colgrove and Bayer state in their research, “Even small numbers of unvaccinated children can lead to outbreaks of infectious disease”. In other words, Colgrove and Bayer believe that vaccinating all children will prevent serious outbreaks of a number of diseases. As vaccines have improved over time, they have reduced numbers drastically and even eradicated some of the more serious illnesses. Usually, once a disease is eradicated, the vaccine does not have to be given out any longer. The small pox vaccine is no longer given because the disease was wiped out by the vaccine (“Why”). I agree that all children need to be vaccinated, a point that needs emphasizing since so many people believe that as long as other children receive their vaccines, their children will be fine without them. The more vaccinations that are given, the higher the chance that more severe diseases, like polio and meningitis, will no longer harm or kill

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