Using The Hypertext Transfer Protocol Available On All Personal Computers Dating

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Tap, tap, tap my computer repeats, resonating softly in concordance with my fingers. I’m using my computer as a way to command my thoughts and translate it into code so that my eyes can visually conceptualize my ideas. I write in a coding language called Python, which is openly available to anyone who can use the hypertext transfer protocol available on all personal computers dating back to the introduction of IBM’s 3270 terminal emulator. Ever since I was ten years of age, I have been writing code to complete various tasks that my mind sees fit. Now, of course, my ability at the time was quite unsophisticated however, with a bit of effort, I’ve been able to hone my skill. The ability to code is considered a skill due to the fact that it can be studied, improved upon, and mastered. Over time I have refined this skill in order to prepare myself for social and economic success. While I have not seen a large portion of success in these respective classes yet, I believe once I have a college title to my name I will broaden my opportunities and achievement. I believe that coding falls within the definition of literacy since it is a skill that allows me to gain access to a broader range of social and economic goods. Describing a skill as a literacy can develop a number of implications. To understand this literacy, I must look into when I first came into contact with coding and what my experience with it was like. I must also examine how my understanding of coding…

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