Informative Essay On Children And Technology

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Technology and Children
Tanya Ortiz
National University

The purpose of this paper is to inform the reader of modern technology and how it hinders children’s creativity. Technology should be a tool that helps develop a child’s creativity, in addition to helping them in their daily life. Informing the parents and their children about cyber bullying can prove to be very useful in the prevention of such cases. Technology can also be a resource for children to advance their creativity.

Technology and Children One of the most important things for a child to develop is a sense of self; they have to discover who they are as a person. Technology is taking creativity from children, and enabling bad behaviors.
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One of the biggest reasons why children do not say anything is out of fear that the parents will take the technology away. “ Children are unwilling to risk having their parents choose such extreme forms of protection because, without technology tools, they would feel socially isolated and less able to stay in immediate contact with their friends” (Strom, 2015). Communication is key when bullying, children do not realize how much they can affect someone else. When children are bullied not only in school but also on the Internet it makes it worse. They are constantly being bullied all the time, that’s when the victim doesn’t have a choice and they feel trapped. Another thing that would be helpful is to inform children that they should not share any personal information, especially online. The more that children are monitored, the better the outcome. “ These generations differences account for why few adults are able to provide wise counsel on dealing with cyber bullies” (Strom, 2015). It is not just about the children being educated, but the parents as well. The parents are not familiar with this type of bullying. If both the parents and child are educated on the dangers of cyber bulling it can reduce the bullying. The reduction of Internet use with technology will help reduce children likelihood to be bullied and keep them active in other

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