Using Modern Technology As A Tool Of Service Essays

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In 21st century, modern technology is developed fast and fast. Increasingly numbers of using technology in the workplace nowadays. Using of modern technology in the service in order to help customer becomes popular in the marketing. Also, managing technologies for providing high-quality customer supports creates a complex challenge (Froehle, 2006). To understand how to use the technology properly in the service for the sake of improving customers’ satisfaction is one of the issue of lots of companies that they are facing now. It is an important study to consider the relationship between using modern technology as a tool of service in marketing and customers’ satisfaction. The purpose of this essay is an investigation on how using tablets in the marketing as a tool of service may impact the way in customers’ satisfaction. First of all, relevant academic literature will be critically discussed and leading to the research question. Then, I will introduce the qualitative methodology I will adopt and an evaluation of its strengths and weaknesses. After that, the methods of data collection and data analysis are described. Finally, an evaluation of the usefulness of this proposal I have decided for marketing groups will be provided.

Anderson and Sullivan (1990) demonstrate that customers’ satisfaction could cause the customers’ behaviour, and also state customers’ satisfaction and customers’ loyalty has a positive correlation relationship (as cited in Gu, Qiu and Yang, 2004).…

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