Essay on Using A Behaviorally Anchored Rating System

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We decided to use a Behaviorally Anchored Rating system (BARS) to evaluate teachers over various other methods due to several reasons. First, (BARS) minimizes these forms of bias; central tendency bias, where the rater tends to rate everyone near the average; a leniency bias, where the reviewer rates everyone near the top; strictness bias, the rater rates everyone near the bottom of the scale. Other rating systems, such as the graphic rating scale and mixed standard scale, are prone to rater bias and they do not have as clear of standards per rating. One raters five may be another 's four even if the teacher displays the same qualities. While the Behavioral Observation Scale (BOS) may be more specific than the previously mentioned systems, it is also more opinion based than the (BARS) system, thus it is more prone to biases.

Using a (BARS) system

Traits that we are measuring: prepared for duty, communication, teamwork, classroom discipline, time management

Trait measured for (BARS) system example:

Student instruction and assignments

Instruct students through lectures, discussions, and demonstrations in health and P.E. as well as develop and assign projects, homework and test and grade them as to meet curriculum standards and to test students knowledge.

KSAO’s needed to perform the task

Knowledge of curriculum specific to health and P.E to ensure correct information taught to students
Knowledge of human behavior, different learning styles, as well as…

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