Description And Essential Elements Of Marzano's Teacher Evaluation Model

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Introduction This paper will consist of several different headings: Evaluating Employee Performance, Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model, Description and Summary of the Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Module, The 4 domains and essential elements of Marzano’s Teacher Evaluation Model, 2015 Florida Statute, Title XLVIII, K-20 EDUCATION CODE, Chapter 1012.34 – FLDOE Personnel Evaluation Procedures (FLDOEPEP), Purpose of the statute, Describe and summarize the evaluation system requirements in Section (2) of the FLDOEPEP, Describe and summarize the compliance criteria for evaluation procedures in Section (3) of the FLDOEPEP.
Evaluating Employee Performance
This paper will describe and summarize the 4 domains and the essential elements of the Marzano’s
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It is a combination of a variety of researches on elements that have been shown connection with students’ academic success (Marzano, 2013). Seyfarth (2008) wrote that school administrators need to keep offering tool and strategies to enable teachers to keep up with new changes and evolution of their field. This is exactly what The Marzano Teacher Evaluation Model model does. Moreover, it has been respected and accepted by many districts for its effectiveness enabling teachers’ growth (Learning Science International, …show more content…
The first domain, Classroom Strategies and Behaviors, is designed to identify what happens in the classrooms so strategies can be implemented to boost students ' achievement. The second domain, Planning and Preparing, instruct teachers on how to become prepared for classes though planning and using the right materials and technology and approaches to teach students with special needs. The third domain, Reflecting on Teaching, concentrates on teachers’ self-reflection making them evaluate their performance, and stimulating professional development plans. The domain four, Collegiality and Professionalism, is not directed connected to the first, second, and third domains but it contributes for the success of all of them by promoting a positive environment, sharing of ideas and encouraging schools '

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