Use Of Facial Expressions Used By Drinking And Driving And The Consequences That Come With Both

1293 Words Dec 7th, 2015 6 Pages
Over the course of this semester I’ve grown as a writer in many ways but also continued to use and improve on techniques that I acquired from the past. In the language analysis that we did in the beginning of the semester, I described how the use of facial expressions can act as a type of language when interacting among others. For this paper, I started paying more attention to people’s expressions and started making a connection between the emotion they were portraying and the expression on their face. For the rhetorical analysis, I analyzed two different print media ads involving drinking and driving and the consequences that come with both. During this writing process I noticed myself paying more attention to the warning signs for life and seeing more facts about death and situations that can be avoided. The final piece that was focused on was the persuasive paper that was research based. In this paper I persuaded an audience of business owners that they should increase or do away with man made products and switch to just having machines and robotics run their factories. These pieces have contributed to my writing style and have helped me become a better writer through the course of this semester. Starting off the semester with the language analysis paper wasn’t the worst thing in the world. I felt I could tackle this paper right from the start. Drafting the paper came quite easily I knew what language I wanted to introduce and I began writing. I didn’t question my…

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