Essay on Use Of Cell Phones On The Classroom

1494 Words Dec 7th, 2015 6 Pages
The use of cell phones has increased with the amount of smartphones being produced and introduced to the general public. Smartphone use within the classroom has been linked to both advantages and disadvantages on the student body as examined by many research studies. In this case, Ms. Taylor has seen first hand what these advantages may bring, however, as the Principal Mr. Henderson has seen the disadvantages. A cell phone policy is usually implemented in schools due to the distraction and disruption they may cause. Contrary to Mr. Henderson’s views and the cell phone policy, Ms. Taylor believes that the cells phones not only improve the student success rate for in class assignments, but the cell phones also provide a comfortable atmosphere for the students to genuinely understand the material that is being taught to them; in this case the material is grammar. Ms. Taylor has to decide whether or not she wants to disobey Mr. Henderson and teach using a method she strongly believes will benefit her students while putting her job at risk; or disregard her strong beliefs, limit her students learning ability and listen to her boss in order to keep her job. Although Ms. Taylor sees the benefits of using cell phones to help her students learn, Mr. Henderson does not. She needs to be able to come up a solution that is in the best interest of her and her students. If we look at the solution in consequentialist point of view we can expect Ms. Taylor to go with the solution that will…

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