United States And Its Hegemonic Power Essay

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United States has been the world hegemony since the end of the Second World War and has used its power to promote western values across the globe in many different ways. Some of the ways in which the US’s exerts its hegemonic power can be reflected on the way the world functions today. Its power is embedded in economic policies, environmental agreements, and its global institutions like the IMF and the World Bank “since the early 1990s, U.S. policymakers have embraced primacy and adopted an ambitious grand strategy of expanding the United States’ preponderant power” (Layne, 2006). America is regarded as the best country in the world with an idealistic liberal framework.

Since the US became the hegemony it has been preparing it’s military, in order to sustain its power. In fact, “the US is the only state that has for decades made the investment in military capacity that allows it to produce and effectively use the full range of weapons systems and associated infrastructure needed for global power projection” (Brooks, Wohlforth, 2016). China is the only real potential state that could represent a threat to the US’s unipolarity although it is not a significant threat. Given US’s multiple advantages in different areas including technological development and military capabilities.

Although, the US has asserted its power and has designed the rules and structure of the world’s economic and political functioning “the further one looks beyond the immediate short term, the…

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